Wild Thyme Restaurant is a cozy yet elegant garden view restaurant located near the Harbour Bay Shopping Plaza on East Bay Street. Serving fresh and imaginative dishes like Organic Field Green Salad, Shrimp & Grits, Curry Goat Tacos, Blue Crab Ravioli, Spinach & Ricotta Pasta, Mushroom Burger, Beef Short Rib Grilled Cheese and much more - there's something for everyone from vegan to carnivore. Try their delightfully decadent desserts and their Thyme Mixology cocktails and mocktails. 

You can check out their full menu at 

#33 East Bay Street / Ph: (242) 393-4107 or (242) 393-4108

Monday to Saturday

12:00pm to 3:00pm

6:00pm to 10:00pm

12:00pm to Close



I͏n͏ t͏h͏e͏ h͏e͏a͏r͏t͏ o͏f͏ D͏o͏w͏n͏t͏o͏w͏n͏ N͏a͏s͏s͏a͏u͏, H͏i͏l͏l͏s͏i͏d͏e͏ i͏s͏ a͏n͏ a͏r͏t͏f͏u͏l͏ B͏a͏h͏a͏m͏i͏a͏n͏ e͏x͏p͏e͏r͏i͏e͏n͏c͏e͏ y͏o͏u͏ s͏h͏o͏u͏l͏d͏ n͏o͏t͏ m͏i͏s͏s͏! A͏ c͏o͏l͏o͏r͏f͏u͏l͏ s͏t͏r͏u͏c͏t͏u͏r͏e͏d͏ s͏p͏a͏c͏e͏ c͏r͏e͏a͏t͏e͏d͏ b͏y͏ h͏o͏s͏t͏ a͏r͏t͏i͏s͏t͏ A͏n͏t͏o͏n͏i͏u͏s͏ R͏o͏b͏e͏r͏t͏s͏, H͏i͏l͏l͏s͏i͏d͏e͏ j͏o͏i͏n͏s͏ i͏s͏l͏a͏n͏d͏ v͏i͏b͏e͏s͏ w͏i͏t͏h͏ a͏r͏t͏, l͏i͏g͏h͏t͏ e͏a͏t͏s͏ a͏n͏d͏ l͏i͏b͏a͏t͏i͏o͏n͏s͏. I͏f͏ y͏o͏u͏ a͏r͏e͏ p͏a͏s͏s͏i͏n͏g͏ t͏h͏r͏o͏u͏g͏h͏ D͏o͏w͏n͏t͏o͏w͏n͏ N͏a͏s͏s͏a͏u͏ v͏i͏s͏i͏t͏ t͏h͏e͏i͏r͏ o͏p͏e͏n͏ c͏o͏u͏r͏t͏y͏a͏r͏d͏ f͏o͏r͏ c͏o͏n͏c͏h͏ f͏r͏i͏t͏t͏e͏r͏s͏, w͏i͏n͏g͏s͏, t͏a͏c͏o͏s͏, a͏n͏d͏ a͏ c͏o͏o͏l͏ d͏r͏i͏n͏k͏ f͏r͏o͏m͏ t͏h͏e͏ c͏r͏a͏f͏t͏ b͏a͏r͏. B͏o͏o͏k͏ a͏ m͏i͏x͏o͏l͏o͏g͏y͏ e͏x͏p͏e͏r͏i͏e͏n͏c͏e͏ w͏h͏i͏c͏h͏ i͏n͏c͏l͏u͏d͏e͏s͏ g͏u͏i͏d͏e͏d͏ i͏n͏s͏t͏r͏u͏c͏t͏i͏o͏n͏ f͏o͏r͏ t͏h͏r͏e͏e͏ c͏r͏a͏f͏t͏ c͏o͏c͏k͏t͏a͏i͏l͏s͏, t͏w͏o͏ a͏p͏p͏e͏t͏i͏z͏e͏r͏s͏, a͏ s͏p͏e͏c͏i͏a͏l͏t͏y͏ d͏e͏s͏s͏e͏r͏t͏, a͏n͏d͏ a͏ p͏e͏r͏s͏o͏n͏a͏l͏ t͏o͏u͏r͏ o͏f͏ t͏h͏e͏ H͏i͏l͏l͏s͏i͏d͏e͏ H͏o͏u͏s͏e͏ a͏r͏t͏ g͏a͏l͏l͏e͏r͏y͏. V͏i͏s͏i͏t͏o͏r͏ o͏r͏ l͏o͏c͏a͏l͏ - H͏i͏l͏l͏s͏i͏d͏e͏ i͏s͏ a͏ w͏o͏n͏d͏e͏r͏f͏u͏l͏l͏y͏ w͏e͏l͏c͏o͏m͏i͏n͏g͏ a͏n͏d͏ a͏u͏t͏h͏e͏n͏t͏i͏c͏ s͏p͏a͏c͏e͏ t͏o͏ e͏n͏j͏o͏y͏ i͏s͏l͏a͏n͏d͏ v͏i͏b͏e͏s͏ a͏n͏d͏ f͏l͏a͏v͏o͏r͏f͏u͏l͏ c͏r͏e͏a͏t͏i͏o͏n͏s͏.

Location:  #1͏3͏ C͏u͏m͏b͏e͏r͏l͏a͏n͏d͏ S͏t͏, Downtown N͏a͏s͏s͏a͏u͏ 

Phone:     (2͏4͏2͏) 3͏2͏2͏-7͏6͏7͏8͏

S͏u͏n͏d͏a͏y͏           2pm–10p͏m͏

M͏o͏n͏d͏a͏y͏          C͏LOSED

T͏u͏e͏s͏d͏a͏y͏         2pm͏–10p͏m͏

W͏e͏d͏n͏e͏s͏d͏a͏y͏   2pm͏–10p͏m͏

T͏h͏u͏r͏s͏d͏a͏y͏       2pm͏–10p͏m͏

F͏r͏i͏d͏a͏y͏             1͏pm͏–11p͏m͏

S͏a͏t͏u͏r͏d͏a͏y͏        1͏pm͏–11p͏m͏

 Seafront Sushi

 This Japanese inspired cuisine offers a colorful dining experience while combining fresh flavors and ingredients of The Bahamas. Savor appetizers from the sushi, sashimi, yakitori and grill options before choosing from a variety of seafood, vegetarian, chicken and steak dishes. Chef's Choice sushi sampler and bento box specials are a local lunch favorite. Try the tempura guava duff with ice cream and other desserts for a sweet treat. Located within walking distance of the Harbour Bay Shopping Plaza.

Phone: 242-394-1706


Open for Lunch Monday - Friday 12:00pm to 4:00pm

& Dinner Monday - Saturday 6:00pm to 10:00pm

(Usually open until 11:00pm Fridays & Saturdays but call ahead to confirm closing time just in case.)





Email: latitudesinfo@titan.bs
Phone: +1 (242) 676-8025


Latitudes is a unique waterfront dining experience located at the Nassau Harbor Club near Paradise Island bridge and across from Harbour Bay Shopping Plaza. Guests of Latitudes will be able to enjoy spectacular views over Nassau’s picturesque harbor and a varied menu that offers both local and international cuisine, including seafood, freshly made pizzas, sushi and teppanyaki.

Vegan/Vegetarian options are available and they also serve Ramen!   \ (•◡•) /



They are Open for reservations Monday to Sunday 10:30am - 4:00pm & 6:30pm - 10:30pm


Drifters At Da Fish Fry

Phone: 242-603-3474



Experience authentic Bahamian down home cooking at this cozy indoor/outdoor eatery. Providing flavorful Bahamian food, they offer reasonable prices, and hefty servings. This is a good choice if you want to try some of our local Bahamian favorites including Tropical Conch Salad, Conch Fritters, Crack Conch, and local sides like peas n' rice, baked macaroni and more. Conveniently located off West Bay Street near Downtown at Arawak Cay, a collection of tropical eateries also called "Fish Fry" by residents. Open for lunch & dinner seven days a week, 12:00pm to 10:00pm.


This local vegan restaurant specializes in vegan meals with no msg, animal or dairy products. Our favorites are the Mushroom Burger, Vegan Wrap, Vegan Crack Chicken or Conch, Corn Mushroom Fritters and their Vegan Patties. Their soups are rich, served with homeade Bahamian Johnny Cake vegan style, and you'll love their homemade Ginger & Cucumber Lemonades! If you're strong of heart and the force is with you like Star Wars, they make a natural immune booster tonic from medicinal bitter herbs. So if you want fresh tasty vegan food you can order ahead of time and pickup, or get your order in before 12pm and they can deliver to your location for a small fee.

Located East Street South, two doors past Porky's Gas Station and opposite Phoenix Food Store

Ph: (242)376-5010 or (242)465-5332

Email uptownveggiedelights@gmail.com


Monday to Thursday

11:30am to 6:00pm


11:30am to 5:00pm

Saturday & Sunday




Phone: 242-603 7646

Social House Sushi Grill is located in the Cable Beach area and a great choice for any occasion. There is always a savvy atmosphere and the food is creative, delicious, and full of flavor. With a variety of culinary & liquid creations like a plantain sushi roll, spicy cauliflower tempura, conch sashimi, passionfruit saki, lychee cocktail and so much more - you're sure to leave with your stomach full and delighted.

Let your waiter know you're Vegan/ Vegetarian and they'll recommend the best options for you, or whip up something special in the kitchen. One of my definite favorite spots! Reservations are recommended for dinner.

Mon. - Thu:
11:30am - 3:00pm 
 6:00pm - 10:00pm 

11:30am - 3:00pm
 6:00pm - 10:30pm

11:30am - 4:00pm
 6:00pm - 10:30pm 

Shima at The Island House 


"The delicate, aromatic flavors of Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia take center stage at this stunning rooftop retreat. Guests may choose to dine in the comfort of the main dining room, the secluded 8-seat sushi bar or on the expansive terrace, where they can take in the sweeping views of Lyford Cay Marina and the crystal blue waters beyond. Another terrace features Bar Shima, a lounge that overlooks the pool and offers inventive cocktails and a world-class wine list." visit the website to make Reservations.

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